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Accordion Shutters in New Orleans

Time is of the essence when a storm is bearing down, so the less time you need to spend on storm prep, the better. Accordion hurricane shutters are an easy-to-use alternative to boarding up your windows, and they can easily cut hours off your prep time.

Some window protection options require the help of a whole team of people, but accordion storm shutters can easily be put in place by just one person—and in just a few seconds! Whether you need to evacuate or you’re preparing to ride out a storm, you’ll have much more time to complete other necessary tasks if your windows are protected by quality accordion shutters.

The Benefits of Installing Accordion Hurricane Shutters

There are several options for storm shutters, but with such a long list of benefits, it's easy to see why so many homeowners choose to install accordion hurricane shutters: 

  • Easy Storage: You won’t have to carry your shutters back and forth from a shed, because they are housed right next to your doors or windows when not in use.
  • Strong: Direct Source installs accordion hurricane shutters that provide robust protection from high winds.
  • Fast to Deploy: Some people will spend hours boarding up their windows when a storm is coming, but accordion shutters are ready in just a few seconds.

You might be wondering about cost.

So how much are accordion shutters? Accordion shutters cost less than many other storm shutter options, yet they provide impressive protection.

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